How Chat GPT can help you attract medical professionals to your property listing

How Chat GPT can help you attract medical professionals to your property listing


September 27, 2023


5 mins

In our articleHow Chat GPT can help you write better listing content we showed you how to harness the powers of ChatGPT to write a strong medical property listing.

To build on this, we now want to step you through using the AI tool to attract the right medical and allied health professionals to your property listing.

The details you include in your listing will be critical to your success. OK then, let’s get started.

The 3 keys to attracting the right people to your medical property listing

There are three components to an effective medical property listing:

  1. A clear and catchy title
  2. A description of the property (short or long)
  3. A collection of images that showcase the property’s features.

5 steps to creating your listing

Step 1: Before heading to Chat GPT to generate your listing, develop some dot point notes on your property’s features (both tangible and intangible, as outlined above).

The tangible or physical features of a property might include:

  • Location
  • Size
  • Layout
  • Fitout
  • Your current team and the services you provide

The intangible features of your listing are the human, personalised benefits a medical or allied healthcare professional will gain by joining your practice/group. These might include:

  • The opportunity to join an established and respected practice
  • Scope to grow within a great healthcare team environment
  • Networking and mentoring opportunities

This is your chance to make your listing feel personalised, so be sure to inject a sense of who you are as an owner and the team you have established to date.

You can also be very clear about the tenant/new team member you are seeking:

  • What kind of medical or allied healthcare professional would best suit the tenancy? (e.g. General Practitioner, Physiotherapist, Speech Pathologist…etc)
  • Are you seeking a professional who is already established in their healthcare career, or a one who is just starting out?
  • Would your practice/group suit a professional who works a traditional week, or one who favours flexible working hours?

Step 2 : Log in to your Chat GPT account. If you haven’t registered an account yet, do so here:

When you are logged in you can ask ChatGPT to generate your listing content based on the notes you have made.

Example prompt #1
Please write a 1800 to 2000 character listing description for our medical property listing. The property is located in St Leonards NSW. We have 2 rooms available, both with large windows and view over a park. Current fitout is suitable for therapy. The team available and currently working have over 10 years of therapy practice. our ethos within the practice is: our doctors and staff show respect, accept different cultures and embrace the work of each member. Joining our rooms means you now have a great opportunity to grow your practice, network, and share knowledge with others. We welcome new starters or established practitioners. 

This is the copy from ChatGPT.

Step 3: Once Chat GPT has generated your listing content you can go through and tweak and correct any information the robot hasn’t communicated well. Think of the content ChatGPT generates as a ‘first draft’ you can refine.

Step 4: Ask Chat GPT to help you write 3 different strong titles for a medical property listing, based on the listing content and choose the best one…or choose one to tweak a little further.

Example prompt #1
Please write 3 different strong titles for a medical property listing. The property listed is suitable for a specialist or therapist. Title should be no longer than 115 Characters and should include my location which is St Leonards.

This is the copy from ChatGPT.

Step 5: You’ve got your title and your listing content, now there is only one remaining element needed before you can make your listing live: quality images that showcase the property and give the right first impression to prospective tenants/team members. Read our article How To Take Photos That Will Attract A Health Professional To Your Practice for tips.

Promote your finalised listing with MRO

When your listing is ready to post promote it with Medical Rooms Online. MRO is a specialist website connecting people looking to rent and buy medical property in Australia.

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