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Have you got an empty medical room waiting for a new tenant? Start a free listing to begin with and increase your chance of connecting with a medical health professional.

*valid only for Practice Manager’s leasing a room.

Introducing Free Listings

We are excited to let you know that we now provide a free listing service on Australia‚Äôs leading specialist Medical Rooms website (Practice Manager’s only). If you have a room available either on a permanent or sessional basis, and would appreciate the additional revenue and value- add to your practice from offering additional specialists, register your listing NOW.

How Does the Free Listing Work?

Register for an account


Registering and activating your Practice Manager account is easy.

Enter a few short details, check your email and you’re in!

Add your medical property listing


Follow the prompts to complete a listing using a simple form .

Your listing success can depend on the information you include.


Your free listing will need to be renewed every 6 months.

You get reminded and its easy to log in and republish the listing.

What's included in a free listing?

Our free listing give you the perfect start before upgrading your listing to paid and promoted. We make sure the listing is highly searchable and attract potential new client for you.

*Please note, free listings are only available to practice managers in Australia and limited to 1 per account.

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Have more questions about free listings or paid listings? Contact us find more answers on our FAQ’s page.