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Payments & Subscriptions

We have a variety of subscriptions available from single to multiple listings. When you sign up and login to your account, you will have access to all the latest prices for the various subscriptions.

All listings require a subscription with valid payment method to stay active. Thes system have been set up so that you can manage your listings and stay in control at all time. This way you can also use a promo code (coupon) to receive free time on our website.

All listings require a valid payment method to stay active. Without a payment method, we would not be able to keep your listing published. Note: no payments will be taken throughout a promotional period if you subscribe with a promotional code (first payment when promotion time has expired).

Yes you can request to pause rather than cancel your subscription at any time. This way you do not need to create a new listing or add a payment method again. No fees will be charged whilst your subscription is paused. Please email us with your request on [email protected]

If you want to cancel your subscription, you can email us on [email protected]. Please allow 48 business hours for a cancellation to be effective.


We recommend using one listing for multiple rooms only if all the rooms are very similar in nature. If the rooms are very different in size or features, we recommend using multiple listings. You cannot put two rooms from two different geographical locations on one listing as we are using geographical coordinates for search functions.

Creating and publishing is easy. You will need to have a couple of images and a description for the room. If you need help with writing the description, please let us know and our creative writers can assist. All up it should not take more than 20 minutes. Note: you will need to subscribe before your listing is published.

Log in to account and click edit listing. This will bring up your listing and you can change the details for the listing and press publish. It’s that easy

Log in to your account and click my listings. Then click delete. This way, the listing will be removed. If you need to recover the listing, please contact us via phone or email.

Overall it should not take more than 20 minutes after your account has been approved.

Right now we run promotions to allow for free listings. We do not have long term free listings available. We believe in creating a strong quality listing directory purely for the medical industry. This way we can provide a great solution for both clients and users.

Marketing & Promotion

Promotional codes are used on the payment (checkout) page which appears right after you have published your listing.

When we run promotions, you can contact us on [email protected] or phone to find out about the promotions we are running. If the options allow, we can then send you code (coupon) you can apply on check out page.

At times, we will run promotions which can be applied to various subscriptions. Please email us to find out about current promotions.

We aim to cover all areas of Australia with a focus on major capital cities because the majority of health specialists are located there. As medicalroomsonline.com.au is only new and growing rapidly, you can expect to find listings in many rural areas soon too.

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