7 Christmas gift ideas your medical practice staff will love

7 Christmas gift ideas your medical practice staff will love


November 15, 2023


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It has been a great year for your medical practice and your team really deserves thanks for all of the hard work and commitment they’ve given. Somehow though, Christmas gift shopping always ends up being a time-consuming chore. Fear not, just choose one (or more!) from our list of 7 thoughtful staff Christmas gift ideas below and you will have the task ticked off. And trust us, your team will thank you!

1. The coffee gift card

A good coffee has the power to turn a bad day at work around and when you don’t have to shell out $5 to for the pleasure the brew tastes even better!

Lots of coffee chains now offer gift cards for purchase and we’d wager the coffee shop close to your medical practice would be happy to set up a pre-paid card or tab if you wanted to purchase one for two or more of your staff members.

2. The spa voucher

The perfect reward for hardworking practice staff after a busy year. I mean, who doesn’t love a spa treatment?

There are multiple options to choose from here. You could go broad with something like the pamper voucher from egiftit, or you can shop local by purchasing a treatment voucher from a nearby salon/spa. You could also opt for a gift card from a well-known spa chain, such as Endota Spa.

3. The awesome shared gift for the staff tea room

Joint gifts for your team that will continue to show them your appreciation throughout the year can be a real winner. You might consider purchasing one of the following for your staff tea room:

  • A good quality coffee machine + an annual supply of coffee pods to go with it
  • A weekly donut delivery (Krispy Creme and Donut Time both offer these)
  • If something more health-conscious appeals, why not organise a weekly or fortnightly fruit basket delivery.

Rent or buy a coffee machine with Corporate Coffee Solutions

Coffee & equipment packages with Queensland Coffee

Workplace fruit delivery from The Fruit Box Group

4. The show tickets

For another take on the joint gift, why not organise for your practice team to attend a stage show. This is a great way for your team to bond outside of the work environment and can serve as a real morale booster. What big name musicals are coming to town in 2023?

Stage Centa offers an exhaustive guide to live shows throughout Australia

5. The high-end coffee (or tea) mug

A lovely, good quality coffee or tea mug for the office is always a winner.

  • Right now Frank Green is having a major moment
  • When it comes to teaware, T2 still impresses with its extensive range of products to delight any tea lover.

6. The tech gift

In our tech-filled world you can’t go wrong with a nifty new digital accessory.

7. The quirky gift

If all of the above represent choices that are too obvious for your treasured staff member/s, then maybe you need to explore the more quirky side of Christmas gift giving. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

And there you have it. Christmas shopping is sorted! If you still can not find the right Christmas gift for your medical team or doctor, read previous years ideas to get you closer.

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