How to make your practice a magnet for top GPs

How to make your practice a magnet for top GPs


January 18, 2021


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At the end of the day, your practice is only as good as the GPs in your consulting rooms. Quality GPs retain patients and gain new patients, but how do you gain and retain the GPs themselves? By providing an environment top GPs enjoy working in every day.

So what can you do to ensure your practice not only retains the great professionals you already have, but attracts new ones as you grow? Here are some tips to help you remodel your professional world into a role model practice.

A proactive practice makes a perfect practice

What will make your practice stand out to GPs on the lookout for a new consulting room? For a start, a positive, energetic presence in the medical community can go a long way. Whether you actively support online causes or have an equally charitable involvement in your local community, you can create genuine appeal.

The best GPs don’t just want a practice that treats patients; they want one that has a proactive approach to health and care as a whole.

Make every achievement a celebration

That means birthdays, anniversaries and any other warm and fuzzy personal and professional milestone. Celebrate them all with more than a pat on the back. Make them a nice event for patients and staff alike. They all add value in an often stressful environment.

Make a GPs job as easy as you can

You want your GPs focusing on patients, not a lack of photocopy paper to print a prescription or something as simple as getting their name on the door. Ensure your practice stays on top of the inefficiencies that ultimately cause GPs to seek an alternative location.

Ultimately, job satisfaction for a GP will come down to what lives they’ve changed today and who is now in a better place thanks to their advice and expertise. But if that advice and expertise is consistently undermined by an inconsistent and clunky support team, they’ll ultimately cry enough.

If their day-to-day lives are uncluttered by annoyances and they feel part of a switched on operation, it can make a huge difference.

Keep your GPs by design

The days of sombre waiting rooms and even more sombre consulting rooms are long gone. Well, at least in Australia. GPs and clients alike demand something friendlier, warmer, something altogether welcoming.

That starts with colours. Orange walls, green walls, they affect the brain in positive ways and that’s good for both GPs and patients. Focus on the right colours and the mood in your practice will be subtly, yet significantly enhanced.

Keep it non-clinical

The less medical your practice feels, the more GPs will want to spend time there. No one wants to work in a depressing environment that screams ‘clinic!’ so turn your waiting room into a movable family-friendly clutter of comfy chairs, coffee tables and mobile phone ports. Make it a bit more fun – GPs and patients will welcome the difference.

Same with your consulting rooms; who wants to work in a slightly threatening white-walled box all day? Jazz up your rooms with warm colours, comfy chairs for an overall welcoming space.

Lighten the mood

Be it a GP, lawyer or dentist, no one wants to work in a dark environment all day or one made artificially bright. It’s not healthy and it can cause even the most positive person to lose energy and enthusiasm over time. So if your practice currently resembles a bunker, fit a few windows – as many as you can- and get some mood boosting natural light and serotonin into your daily life.

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