The Legal Life of Medical Professionals

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A three-part series covering legal considerations for medical professionals in their early, mid and late career

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For premises, business, staff, sessional rooms .


Documenting the deal, particularly for property lease or purchase.

Late Medical Career

Protecting your business and preparing to wind back or sell

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Hillhouse Legal Partners helps medical professionals with all legal matters, providing efficient, commercial and strategic legal advice to allow our medical clients to achieve best practice standards and focus on the delivery of their core business of treating patients.

Our commitment includes advice and support outside normal consulting hours, recognising that health professionals have demanding businesses and long practice hours. For more information click here

Zac Herps

snapshot of articles

Article 1

When you make the decision to move into private practice early in your career, there are many things to consider.

Article 2

Property location, tenure terms and rent are likely to be significant considerations during the middle part of your career.

Article 3

Towards the end of your career, you’re likely to have built your private practice into a substantial business and might want to start thinking about taking a step back.

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