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3 Advertising Packages

We like to keep things simple and have  therefore created 3 advertising packages you can choose from.

Gold, Silver & Bronze Package

Gold Package Advertising


Our Gold package includes exposure to all available pages on our website. 

It also comes with Advertorial options.


Our Silver package is a great option to be seen on our most important listing pages.

Lower cost helps you to advertise longer.


Use the Bronze package to reach a smaller number of high quality pages. 

This package suits advertisers of all sizes.

Where can I expect to be seen?

Your banner ads will be exposed to most of our public and private member pages and provides you a great option to get the message across to all of our medical markets.

Why advertise with us?

Show me a Sample where my ad can be seen. This PDF shows 2 ads on a Free listing.

Have questions?

Have more questions about how to advertise with medical rooms online? Contact us to get the answers.